The system consist of reinforced patented fabric and steel arches. WGT-100 is anchored in the rock with qualified steel bolts. The arches prevents drop and humidity from the rock to entry into the vault. The patented fabric does not allow any water penetration and gives a completely waterproofed light weigth vault. 


WGT-100 was introduced on the market in 1990 and has over the years been installed in over 70 tunnels, 17 of wich are underwater. W. Giertsen Tunnel delivered and installed WGT-100 in the worlds deepest subsea road tunnel called Eiksundtunnelen on the northwest coast of Norway (287 meters below sea level). You can read more about the Eiksundtunnelen here. 


WGT-100 is tailored to each project and has a very wide area of use for different tunnel profiles. Over the last years W. Giertsen Tunnel has installed the solution in all the tunnels for Bergen Light Rail (Bybanen). After a few years in use the WGT-100 shows that it provides 


Key features of the WGT-100 Tunnel Arch:

  • Custom-built system for waterproofing in tunnels
  • Low maintenance and very cost-efficient operation
  • Efficient repair procedures ensures short downtime
  • Self-extinguishing fabric that can not light
  • Life expectancy of 50 years in tunnels