WG Tunnel Sealing (WGTS) is developed as a complete waterproofing system for any caverns, shafts and underground facilities. The WGTS is easy to adapt to existing profiles. WGTS has it's origin with the need for control of humidity in underground caverns. 


WG Tunnel Sealing consist of patented fabric that leads moisture and drips from ceiling and walls down to an appropriate drainage. This gives you complete control of leaking water. The fabric is self-extinguishing in case of fire and will never spread or mainatin a fire. 


Our patented solution is based on more than 30 years of experience and are installed worldwide. Installation is always carried, or supervised by certified personnel to ensure quality throughout the delivery.


 Key features with WG Tunnel Sealing:

  • Patented solution with extensive experience
  • Tailored for each individual project and facility
  • Can be uses in all types of underground facilities
  • Life span minimum 50 years
  • The fabric is self-extingishing and will never spread or maintain a fire
  • Avoid risk caused by dripping water and humidity


Read more about WG Tunnelduk in our project references here. 


Examples of where WG Tunnelsealing is installed:

  • Water treatment facilities
  • Parking facilities
  • Sewage treatment plant
  • Storage facilities
  • Sporting facilities
  • Power plants
  • Cable tunnels
  • Valve chambers
  • Technical rooms
  • Access tunnels
  • Military installations and hospital
  • Mines
  • Drop protection in road tunnels


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