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WG Tunnel Sealing: NRA and NRV

Sewage and water treatment facilities, Norway

Nedre Romerike sewage treatment and Nedre Romerike water treatment facilities.

WGT-100: Eiksundtunnelen

Deep sea road tunnel, Norway

The deepest subsea road tunnel in the World is located at the north-west coast of Norway.

Flere referanser

Land Anlegg Produkt Byggeår
Finland Espoo road tunnel WG Membrane 2000
Finland Isolylä road tunnel WG Membrane 2002
Norway Bjorøy subsea road tunnel WGT-100 1995
Sweden Stockholm Brandforsvar parking WG Tunnel Sealing 1996
Sweden SBC - Eolshall parking WG Tunnel Sealing 2008
Sweden Kvarnholmen parking WG Tunnel Sealing 2013
Sweden Gothenborg parking WG Tunnel Sealing 2007
Sweden ABB Sweden, cabel shaft WG Tunnel Sealing 2009
Sweden Umeå Energy, shaft WG Tunnel Sealing 1998
Pakistan Neelum Valley, power plant WG Tunnel Sealing 1998
Greenland Qorlorsuaq, power plant WG Tunnel Sealing 2007
Scotland Glendoe Hydro project WG Tunnel Sealing 2008
Philippines Binga power plant WG Tunnel Sealing 2009
Philippines Ambuklao power plant WG Tunnel Sealing 2009