Bergen Light Rail system (Bybanen) was realized to meet the constantly increasing traffic challenges to central ares. The first parcel of the rail opened in 2010 and has becomed a preferred public transport for many travelers. 


All tunnels in the Bergen Light Rail system is supplied and installed with WGT-100 waterproofing by W. Giertsen Tunnel.  The WGT-100 is a complete waterproofing solution for low-traffic communication tunnels, perferctly for Bergen Light Rail.


WGT-100 ensures a tunnel free from drop and humidity while the bright color creates a pleasant environment for the travelers. In some tunnels the WGT-100 has been lit up with color lights to create an artistic scenery. The system comes complete with tailor-made inspection hatches so that you'll always have full control of the installations behind the arches. 


The second parcel opened in 2013 while the third and last parcel is planned to open in 2016. W. Giertsen Tunnel supplies and installs WGT-100 for all tunnels in second and third parcel. With the third parcel opened you can travel with the Bergen Light Rail from the city centre, and all the way out to Bergen Airport Flesland. 


We are also suppliyng and installing membrane for the tunnel portals. Read more about the solutions we have installed for Bergen Light Rail here.