The Eiksund Tunnel was open for traffic in 2008 and is a 7765 meters long rocktunnel connecting the Hareidlandet Island to the mainland.

At its deepest point the tunnel reach a depth of 287 meters below mean sea level and have a minimum rock cover at approximate 50 meters.


The Eiksund Tunnel is a typical Norwegian Fjord Crossing Project driver in rock quality of gneiss, gabbro and limestone structure. The construction method was carried out by traditional drill & blast and rock support by bolting and sprayed concrete.

In order to find a permanent water proofing solution in the tunnel the owner the Norwegian Road Administration Department choose the tunnel sealing WGT-100 as the most cost-effective method.

Our company, W. Giertsen Tunnel AS, was engaged as a sub-contractor at the project and installed successfully over 110.000 m2 of the WGT-100 Tunnel Sealing.

Today the traffic load in the tunnel is approximate 2.000 vehicle per day and the tunnel sealing installed by W. Giertsen Tunnel AS is keeping the tunnel dry and gives the drivers a nice and safe travel 287 meters below the sea level.